We “Yuto Inc.” is Red bee shrimp shop located in Kyoto, foremost tourist city in Japan.
We also assort many kinds of shrimps such as Black bee shrimp, Cloud shrimp, Nanacy shrimp, Shadow shrimp and Turquoise shrimp besides Red bee shrimp.

International shipping service is not available. You are more than welcome to visit us for purchasing shrimp.

We also handle special lacquered pedestals, which is very “Kyoto,” for your fish tank.
It is custom-made product, so we make it in accordance with the size of your fish tank.
You can also purchase gold-leaf pedestals, which is also very “Kyoto.”

If you would like to visit us, please send an e-mail to us in advance.
Please e-mail us to ask any questions about custom-made pedestals or shrimps.